City Lights Radiance Perfecting Cream Review

What is the new skin lightener everyone’s talking about?  

citylightsIt’s City Lights Radiance Cream. City Lights is a new skin brightening cream that has women raving!  Women are saying this is the cream to use to remove dark spots, sun spots and age spots.  Others claim this cream completely transformed their appearance giving them a look that makes their skin “glow”.

We wanted to know what makes City Lights so effective and what we found was nothing short of extraordinary!  City Lights is one of the only lightening creams on the market to use all three of the power-packed ingredients Alpha Arbutin, Octadecendioic Acid, and Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract.

These ingredients have all been proven in multiple studies to dramatically lighten the skin, remove dark spots, age spots and acne scaring.  City Cosmetics really stepped out on a limb to use all three of these ingredients.  Most lighteners only pick one as these are not cheap and any formula using them must cost big bucks to produce.

What are users are saying?  One woman claims this is like “a glow that seems to be coming from under her skin,” she claims that after using it, all blemishes and imperfections were gone and skin took on a more youthful and radiant appearance. Another user claims she has lots of dark spots from acne scarring and they were significantly lighter after only 5 days of use.  Other users say this cream made their skin “more luminous” and “less oily.”

What’s our take?

We’ve looked at a lot of skin lightening creams and we can honestly say many of them do not deliver.. You know the ones!   Other creams get reports of not only being ineffective, but some of them even burn when applied!  One cream even left women with red burn marks on her face!  Not Good!

Seeing such an effective skin lightening cream hit the market sure is refreshing.  It seems these days good products are few and far between.

If you are looking for a skin lightener that has amazing user feedback this is the one to use.

City Lights Radiance Cream can is available exclusively online and can be found on their website at

Written by Karen Matthews

3 Comments on City Lights Radiance Perfecting Cream Review

  1. I just had the melanage chemical peel about 3 weeks ago, do think its sage to use this product?

  2. Saved as a favorite, I like your site!

  3. I just started using aczone for acne but it does not do anything to lighten all the acne scarring I have on my face. I started using lightner called demisa but since I read your article it is not a good product to use because of hydroquion. Can aczone and City Lights be used to gather?

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