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City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream City Views ReviewsReader’s Top Choice: City Views


Overall Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

Manufacturer: City Cosmetics

City Cosmetics continues to expand their premium product line with their latest treatment for alleviating wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet around the eye, the City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream. This product is one of the only ones we know of that claims to have performed clinical trials that prove the effectiveness of the ingredients.


City Views  is very competitively priced at around $70– we’ve seen similar eye creams regularly go for over $100. Because City Cosmetics uses clinical trials to prove that their products work, this seems like a steal.


The active ingredients in City Views are Argireline, Retinyl, and Matrixyl 3000. According to the City Views website, argireline is a peptide that hinders the muscles from contracting. Retinyl encourages collagen production in the skin and assists in cell renewal and healing. Matrixyl 3000 helps your body synthesize collagen.

Bottom Line:

This City Views cream was amazing. I tested it out on the back of my hand before trying it on my eyes and I could feel it tingling and tightening the skin. That’s how I knew it was going to work. After using it for 3 weeks on the skin around my eyes, they look more alert, brighter, and more youthful. My crow’s feet aren’t as deep and defined as they used to be and it feels like if I keep using it, I will continue to see improvement. City Views has a lightweight consistency and a smooth texture that is not greasy at all. It was a very high-quality product that proved to be effective for treating wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes. Recommended.

To find out more about City Cosmetics and their City Views Eye Cream, check out their official website here. 


  1. I want to try this, but I don’t want to order it online. Does anyone know if it’s available at Sephora?

    • I’ve ordered tons of products from City Cosmetics online.. It’s no problem. The shipping’s free and the customer support answers the phone with no hold times.. They’re great. I’ve also never had a problem getting anything I’ve ever ordered.

      Hope you give the eye cream a try.. It’s one of my favorites!

    • Hi Betty,

      City Cosmetics is perfectly safe to order from. We don’t put anything on this site we haven’t tested ourselves and when we ordered this item from City Cosmetics we received it within three days and the shipping was in fact free.

      We have also ordered numerous other products for review from City Cosmetics and have yet to have any problems with shipping or customer support. We have also tested their guarantee and have found they do fully honor it if you are not satisfied with the product.

    • Don’t hesItate to order on line, new customers are offered a great discout, at least I got a great discount. Only been using rapid repair eye cream for 10 days. I have lots of skin allergies. Cream didn’t bother my skin, I saw the testimonials on the Today
      Show and wanted to try City View products

    • elizabeth wallace says:

      Been using rapid repair eye cream for 2 1/2 weeks. I can truly see an improvement with the fine lines around my eyes and on the eyelids. I love this product .

  2. eye cream is great product and the shipping is fast great people to deal with

  3. I love this eye cream it is a great product and came very fast in the mail. It works so well I may try the lip plumper. I have very sensitive eyes and cannot use just any cream. I was very pleased.

  4. I am thrilled with the results of the city cosmetics line…I have been using the city lash enhancer, lip plumper, moisturizer and just ordered the city face serum and have been using for about 3 days love love all of these products!!! I can see an amazing difference in every area of product I have purchased. You will NOT be disappointed with your purchase of any of these products. They do exactly what they say they do. I have wasted a lot of money on other products that did not work. Absolutely amazed with my results I am 57 years old and I will be purchasing again from City Cosmetics!!!!

  5. I have been using this eye cream for about two weeks. I have noticed a remarkable “glow” to my face that has not been there in years. I love this product and plan to continue to buy it. The shipping was fast and free.

  6. I am so happy to say that I’ve finally found an eye cream that works! I’ve been using it now for a couple of weeks, and can definitely see a difference. I’m over 70 and really didn’t believe anything would help the puffiness under my eyes, but I could see improvement after just a couple of days.

  7. Terry Long says:

    Great product and was very impressed with the quick delivery. Thick, pasty cream that goes on smoothly but you don’t have to use much; good thing because the jar is small. I am using it in conjunction with at home laser treatment around my eyes and I could tell a difference in just a few days.

  8. Channing says:

    This is the only product that I haven’t tried, but if it is like any of the others then sign me up!! Terri….YOU HAVE NOT TRIED THE LIP PLUMPER….girl it is absolutely amazing! I have never gotten my lips injected, but this would equivalent. AMAZING! I now want to try the eye cream. Anyway, that plumper….I’m stocked up! You have got to try it!!! I promise you will not regret it :) )

  9. I discovered City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream as it was awarded the 2013 Consumer Guide top pick. I read the reviews and decided to order it. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks but find that the skin around my eyes has improved. The crow’s feet seemed to have lessened and the puffiness has certainly diminished. I plan to continue using this eye cream and expect that long term use will continue to improve the appearance of the area around my eyes. I use it morning and night .

  10. while looking for an anti-aging eye cream,i saw a posting that city views eye cream is a top pick from consumer reports. that was good enough for me, so i ordered 4 plus city days. i received my order in 3 days. one week later i placed another order for different products. it leaves the skin soft and smooth, seems to be helping i love these products.

  11. I like this product. It absorbs well into the skin. Although I have only been using a couple of weeks it seems to helping my under eye circles which is my very worst problem ever! It is also effective on wrinkles and seems to smooth/tighten skin in eye area. I probably have more problems in this area than many others because I am in my sixties. I plan to continue this product and will definitely re-order.

  12. I love the tightening sensation when I apply this eye cream. Has a nice texture too. I have since ordered the lip plumper and city lash I was so impressed with the eye cream.

  13. Iam very pleased with city views. The product arrived quickly. I have been using it a few weeks now and am very pleased with the result . Will stick with it!

  14. My new favorite eye cream! Between genetics and eye allergies I have an issue with bags. Put this cream on and had IMMEDIATE results. Less puffiness. Hoping as time goes on they will get even better and my wrinkles will be reduced!

  15. I love this cream along with City Lips & City Lash

  16. My experience ordering online was great – easy to order, quick shipping and delivery, and I love this eye cream! I have tried many different eye creams, but really like this one the best.

  17. Virginia J Edler says:

    I am 65 years old and I am very particular. I have never had an eye creme that has worked except for now. I have been using the City Views Rapid Repair Eye Creme for about 2 weeks now and am seeing results. My whole eye area looks brighter and the puffiness from allergies have become less puffy. I think everyone should try it to see if it works for them.

  18. fabulous eye cream…! very light, definitely noticed a discernible difference. wasn’t life altering, but made this tired mama happy to see some smile lines take a back seat and my smile be front and center, thanks!

  19. marcia smith says:

    havent received my eye cream yet due to back order. the company has been very good about keeping me informed about my order. cant wait to use it. if i like it i will order the lip plumper.

  20. I received the eye cream this week.tried it anxiously at night. To my surprise my eyes and the morning looked refrrshed without the puffiness.So far i love it.I will post again after 4weeks to let you all the outcome.

  21. I love this eye cream. It is very light weight and soothing, even to sensitive eyes. It doesn’t have any strong perfume order. I am very happy with my order and plan on ordering more!

  22. The entire City Cosmetic line are effective and great for sensitive skin like mine. I have only been using the City Views a few days, but can already tell the difference. I am used to using more expensive cosmetics, but I think these products may not only be more effective but be more value for my money

  23. I love City Views! Over the holidays I kept asking my neice what she had done to her eyes and she wouldn’t tell me and kept saying it’s a secret. I didn’t stop bothering her until she told me what it was. Turns out, it was City Views. So I bought myself some and have been using it ever since. Unlike my neice though I tell everybody about it. They can see what I’m talking about!

  24. City views is an amazing eye cream.
    I notice a positive difference in the appearance of the skin around my eyes in a very short time.
    A little bit goes a long way.
    Costumer service was very helpful and it came quickly in the mail.
    Very pleased.

  25. This eye cream is amazing. I’m 49 and have tried numerous eye creams before trying City eye cream.
    Lines under my eyes improved after 3 days, they are less visible and the sunken areas below my eyes look refreshed, not sunken like before. I love this product. I finally found an eye cream that works!

  26. Love the eye cream goes on easy and you only need a small amount

  27. Great products from City Views. I love the eye cream.

  28. i have had dark circles and puffiness under the eyes for years. I have used the product for 2 weeks and have seen a definite improvement already. Looking forward to see even more improvements. A definite find!,,

  29. Priscilla says:

    Have only been using this eye cream for 10 days, but I feel that it is working for me. It;s light and absorbs
    well. The bags seems somewhat less pronounced…I just think that in time there will be great improvements.

  30. Kathleen Knoll says:

    I have only been using City View eye cream for a few days and I have already seen and felt the results. I have chronic pain and my sleep is effected because of it and I have developed dark circles as well as puffiness under my eyes. Nothing seemed to help. I searched online for the best eye cream for my issues. Lucky for me that I found City View cosmetics and I am very happy with the results and I have at last found “the best eye cream” ever. Thank you.


  31. I bought the City Nights Eye Cream for my daughter in law and myself….We both are loving it! Not greasy or runny.

  32. Linda R. Hille says:

    The eye cream is wonderful. You can see a difference the minute you put it on. Ordering online was easy and they offer you specials (which you cant beat the price) I was very impressed with the online emails after my purchases as well.

  33. I ordered this eye cream because it was highly recommended by Consumers Reports. They tested many many products and City View eye cream was at the top. For a product that delivers the result that is advertised at a reasonable price is awesome! I love it (and I have used a lot of eye products)!it applies like a dream and the scent is clean. I am very happy with this purchase and will most likely order more products.

  34. I love the eyecream

  35. I love this eye cream. I’m using it as a preventative measure and it makes the skin around my eyes feel great. This is also the first eye product I’ve used that doesn’t sting my eyes.

  36. Only recently have I tried the eye cream, and it works better than anything else I’ve tried, to date. I’m 54 and my eyes were really showing my age, until recently. I have very fair, sensitive, combination skin that is quite dry around the eyes….not good for aging well. City Views rehydrates so well that my skin looks better than it did 20 years ago. (I wish I had taken photos so I could show you.) There is less overall puffiness and discoloration. I love it, and like I said, it’s only been a couple of weeks.

    The lip and lash products I’ve used for over a year, and they both work quite well also. My only complaint about City Lips: it is very thick and sticky. That being said, it stays in place better than other products I’ve tried, and does not sting, which is great. I even put it on before bed and wake up with fuller lips that last for hours. I go through the lip product faster, as I use it several times throughout the day/evening. I’ve been afraid to try injections as I bruise terribly and was nervous I would get that telltale “duck lip” that I see everywhere these days. So many women who have had “work done” end up looking quite generic…so much like each other. With this product, I still look like me, and I don’t have to spend a small fortune to do so, or suffer the pain, bruising and downtime with injections or surgery.

    One tube of City Lash lasted several months and I used it almost daily, sometimes twice. Within about 2-3 weeks I noticed my lashes were getting fuller and longer, and didn’t seem to fall out so quickly. Great job on those three products, City Cosmetics…keep the new ones coming. I live for the day you make products for hands, the neck and décolleté!

  37. I love city views! I have been using eye cream less than 2 wks and have had great results, takes very small amount of product!

  38. donna englert says:

    Just started using the eye cream noticed results in a couple of days. Wonderful texture. Absorbs without feeling heavy. Love it.

  39. I haven’t used the eye cream for my more than 2 weeks (probably more like a week and a half). I think I actually do see the crows feet lessening and puffiness diminishing. Pretty remarkable. I used my past eye cream for months and didn’t see results like that. So far, so good. I am impressed. And you don’t need very much. A little dab goes a very long ways.

  40. I really love the eye cream! I have tried it for 2 weeks and I am very impressed by difference in fine lines. I have had a dry sensation in the corner of my eyes for months (even with application of moisturizers). As soon as I applied the City Views Repair Eye cream the feeling has vanished! I have the most sensitive skin with eczema problems on my eyes and this product has been a god-send! Especially with a product guarantee. I am looking forward to trying the moisturizer soon.

  41. I have been using City Lights under eye cream for a couple of weeks now and, I have to hand it to them,
    this cream is GREAT. I have tried many eye creams over the years but this one actually does
    what it says it’s going to do. The purple under my eyes is lightening. I won’t go on vacation without
    It !!!

  42. I have only used the eye cream for about a week and I can already see some improvement. I will continue to use this and keep you posted. Product feels good, smells good, and ships FREE and fast. My kind of product!

  43. I’ve used this eye cream for 2+ weeks now and the puffiness under my eyes is almost gone. It is amazing! Also, it’s very light and silky-smooth so when you apply it it does not stretch the tender skin around the eyes. You have a devoted customer.

  44. I have been using this for about 3 weeks and have already been asked if I’m 10 years younger than I really am :) it’s an awesome feeling. Also use a lot of other products from this line and amazing results. The customer service is the best they are all so helpful and friendly :)

  45. This is the best eye cream I’ve ever used, and I have tried quite a few over the years. I have only been using it for two weeks, but already notice that the wrinkles around my eyes are softer. I also like that it is not greasy or oily and doesn’t make your make-up run. My skin is very sensitive and I have allergies, but I have not had any allergic reaction to this eye cream. Based on how good this eye cream is, I will definitely be trying other City View products.

  46. First time using eye cream and I chose city view based on the consumer guide rating. I have been using the product less than two weeks and I do notice a difference around my eyes. My only complaint is the customer service, when I placed my order online I was unsure if it processed, I was on hold for over 30 minutes and never received a call back when left a message. I then decided to email the company and then heard back.

  47. Used only two weeks. The cream feels really good. I will continue using it and hope to soon see results

  48. Love the eye cream. Have been using it for two weeks and love the difference I can see with less puffiness and less appearance of wrinkles.

  49. I’ve been using City Views rapid repair eye cream for about 2 weeks and I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the results so far! Any fine lines or discoloration have virtually disappeared. My eyes look bright and youthful! I’m very happy with my purchase! I would recommend this product to everyone!!!

  50. I read the reviews on this eye cream and decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. I am constantly seeking an eye cream that delivers. I am not looking for miracles, just a cream that does what it claims. I have finally found it. In only one week I can honestly say that I am noticing positive changes. My eye area feels firmer and appears brighter. I am already positive that I will repurchase this item. I am glad I decided to research eye creams online and had the opportunity to discover this one! I do follow up with a moisturizer as well, which I think is contributing to the great effects of City Views eye cream. I highly recommend.

  51. Hassan Farah says:

    This is the best eye cream I’ve ever used, and I have used some expensive eye cream that never worked. I am in love with City View Rapid Repair Eye Cream!!!!!

  52. I have been using the eye repair cream for about a month and find it has reduced the dark circles and sagging skin above my eyes. I recommend this product to anyone, young and more mature women.

  53. I loe City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream! I have been using it for a week and already notice diminished fine lnes!! I would highly recommend! I will purchase this again! I also love Ciy Lips!!! It really works!

  54. I have been using City views Rapid Repair Eye Cream for about 5 days and I am seeing a difference in my skin. I ordered online and the delivery was fast and efficient.

  55. The cream took a little bit longer for me to start working as compared to the other ladies. I am a little bit older and didn’t realize around my eyes were so discolorated. I did a research on-line and found City Views. Decided to give it a try. I am into my fourth week. My deep discolored circles are finally starting to fade a little. I have a ways to go. But I would recommend this cream to any women having darkness around the eyes.

  56. I just purchased City Views rapid repair eye cream and have only used it for about a week. So far I like it. Feels nice on my eyes and as soon as I applied it I felt a bit of tightening. This is something I never felt with other eye creams I have tried.. when I ordered I was given the opportunity to purchase 3 more at a substantial discount and I am glad I did. Nice product at a good price…Can’t go wrong with that…

  57. I have been using City Views for 3 weeks and I have to say that the undereye puffiness is slowly
    diminishing. I would definitely recommend this product. It is a blessing in disguise!!!

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