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Key Benefits:

  • Most Powerful Eye Lash Enhancer out of all we reviewed.

  • Uses a high consentration of a very powerful ingredient not found in any other eyelash enhancer in this price range.

  • Women report this eyelash enhancer works beyond many others they've tried.


The active ingredient in City Lash is a peptide known as Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17. This peptide has proven to be the most powerful ingredient for stimulating superior lash growth, and it’s an essential component of any effective enhancer.

What sets City Lash apart is the concentration of MP-17 used. They’ve carefully calibrated their product to have the ideal amount of active ingredient for maximum lash growth, and it shows.
We applied City Lash twice daily as directed, and after only a couple weeks we noticed our lashes were getting thicker! And these were OUR natural lashes- they were actually thicker, even without mascara.

They say full results will be evident in roughly 4-6 weeks, and sure enough, a little more than a month after we started we had the longest, sexiest lashes of our lives.

They claim that the average user experiences 54% eyelash growth, with some women reporting lashes as much as 72% thicker. We were dubious of these claims until we tried the product for ourselves, but now we can personally say that this product works as advertised!

The only downside to the product is that, due to the life cycle of the eyelash, continued use is necessary, and results will fade after about 30 days if you stop using City Lash. This is an unavoidable aspect to all enhancers, however, and as such we can’t really fault City Lash here.


Some enhancers can cause discoloration of the eyes and skin, or even unwanted body hair growth (ew!), due to using compounds called prostaglandins. While prostaglandins can spur lash growth, the side effects can be painful or embarrassing enough to outweigh the benefits.

City Lash is prostaglandin-free, and we encountered no discoloration, unwanted hair growth, or increased sensitivity. Additionally, those of us with sensitive eyes and contact lenses had no issues while using City Lash.

City Lash is also safe to use with mascara and other makeup, though the manufacturer warns that you should wait for City Lash to dry before applying additional cosmetics.


Ok, so we realize that all of the great benefits of a product are useless if you can’t afford it. That’s another great thing about City Lash; despite being the highest-quality product we found, it’s much less expensive than most of its competitors.

Most lash enhancers retail for $120+, and can last as little as a month, making having sexy eyes a costly proposition. City Lash sells for $79, on their website and while the website says that one tube will last 2 ½ months with proper use, some women have reported that a single tube can last as long as 4 months.


None of the other products we tried delivered as much in all three categories as City Lash. If you’re looking to grow naturally thicker, sexier lashes, we are confident you’ll agree that City Lash is the best product currently on the market.

User Reviews:

"After about 3 week of use, my lashes were thicker and fuller". KW from Beverly Hills, CA

I have naturally short and thin lashes. I was going to get individual lashes glued on every month when a friend suggested I try City Lash. After about 3 week of use, my lashes were thicker and fuller. I feel so much prettier now that I use it consistently, and save a ton of money from getting the fake lashes put on.

Probably the best part is that mt self confidence when I don't have make up on has really improved. I used to be embarrassed to let people see me without eye makeup on-not anymore! (Posted on 12/7/12)

" I've been using city lash since May, and it is amazing". CG from Newport Beach, CA

I used to use latisse, until I heard about the side effects and got freaked out. My eyes are blue - don't want to take any chances! I tried a bunch of eyelash serums, and most were a waste of money. I've been using city lash since May, and it is amazing. I use it morning and night, on my brows as well. I always wear mascara, and it's easy to see how many more lashes I have when I put it on. I just finished my first tube - it lasted me almost 4 months. I am hooked! (Posted on 9/12/12)

"I'm so amazed by my results!!". Savanna Miller - Beauty Blogger

I'm so amazed by my results!! Thank you City Lash for given me the eyelashes I've always dreamed of having :). I had no redness what so ever when using this product, there was no harsh smell and it was easy to use. I used it each morning before brushing my teeth, by the time I was done brushing me and the kids teeth it was dry. And each night before bed I re-applied.

Taken March 11, 2013

After photo taken March 25

Test Results From Clinical Studies:

Subject 1: 72.29% lash increase in 42 days.

Subject 2: 63.19% lash increase in 42 days.

Subject 1: 59.14% lash increase in 42 days.

Common Questions About City Lash

Q: What Type of results can I expect wtih City Lash?

That's a great question and the most common question we get asked about City Lash. Here's a breakdown of the type of results you can expect when you use City Lash:

Day 1: Here your lashes may be thin, brittle, fair in color or not very noticable.

Day 7: This is where most women start to see results. At this period you'll start to see an increase in the length of your lashes. It's a slight increase, but many women report it is noticeable.

Day 20: Here your eyelashes will start to take a more prominent appearance. You'll notice them to be longer and thicker.  If they were falling out or breaking before, now they will stronger and more flexible. You'll be pleased to find that they are much more durable when applying eye liner

Day 30: This is where your lashes really start to turn around. The vitamins and minerals from the serum have now been in effect for 30 days and it will start to show. You're eyelashes will be much healthier and this will reflect in their appearance. Now your eyelashes with be longer, fuller, darker and much more noticeable. But.. you're not done yet, you still have 10 days in the growth cycle!

Day 40: One full growth cycle has past. Your lashes are now at their fullest. If you did not notice them before the 40 days, now you certainly will and so will everyone else! Many women told us how their husband and friends notice and compliment there fantastic now appearance. Which is no surprise. As the eyelashes are a frame for the eyes, having more noticeable lashes can give your entire face a healthier more friendly appearance!

Q: What happens if I miss a day?

There will be no dramatic impact from missing a day here and there, although it might slightly delay results.

Q: What makes City Lash effective?

We’re glad you asked! We use Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, which is the best ingredient available for growing thicker, sexier lashes. Additionally, we have perfected the concentrations necessary for maximum results, ensuring that City Lash gives you the fastest, most noticeable growth.

Q: What’s Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17? Is it safe?

Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 (MP-17 for short) is a peptide that has been shown to dramatically increase eyelash growth. It is completely safe, and will not cause negative side effects like skin discoloration or unwanted hair growth.

Q: What exactly does it do?

City Lash stimulates keratin production at a cellular level. Keratin is an essential component of hair growth, so more keratin = longer, thicker lashes! And since the improvement occurs in your natural lashes, the effect lasts longer and looks better than traditional makeup.

Q: Do you test your products on animals?

Absolutely not! At City Lash, we believe in humane treatment of animals, and so we have never- and WILL never- tested our products on animals.

Q: How do I use City Lash?

Simply apply City Lash to the base of your upper eyelashes. For the product to be effective, the skin needs to be clean and dry, and wait for City Lash to dry before applying normal makeup.

Q: Will it smear, flake, or clump?

No. Because City Lash is an eyebrow enhancer and not a cosmetic, it will be absorbed by the skin and used to promote thicker eyelash growth. Although it can be worn with a mascara, City Lash is not a mascara itself, and as a result does not suffer the same limitations of traditional eye makeup.

Q: Can I use it on my eyebrows?

Yes – City Lash has also been proven to be effective at supporting eyebrow growth and the same results apply. The growth cycle for your eyebrows averages 40 days for most women and results you experience for your eyebrows will be very similar to those you experience with your eyelashes requiring about the same time frame.

Q: My lashes are really dry. Will City Lash help with that?                                                             

Yes, City Lash contains special moisturizing agents that help restore dry, brittle lashes. If you have dry lashes, you will definitely feel a difference with City Lash.

Q: How long will a tube last?

That depends on how much you use. If you follow our suggested twice-daily regimen, a single tube should last you about 2 ½ months.

Q: Can I apply City Lash with a mascara wand?

No, we recommend only using the special applicator we’ve included. City Lash promotes growth of new, improved lashes at their base, and so applying it to existing lashes will have little effect.

Q: How does City Lash compare to other more expensive treatments?

We’re confident that our product compares favorably to any other on the market, and that you’ll likely experience lash growth that is equal or better to that of all treatments on the market

However, it’s important to remember that many other enhancers can cause unwanted side effects, like permanent discoloration of the iris and unwanted hair growth around the eyes. You won’t experience any of these things with City Lash, which continues to be one of the safest lash enhancers available.

Additionally, City Lash offers you comparable results at a fraction of the price. We’re confident that our combination of proven results, superior safety, and unbeatable price will make City Lash the best product for you.

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City Lash has one of the strongest guarantees in the industry and they stand behind it. If you don't experience the results described, City Cosmetics demands you return the product for a full refund.

Our thoughts? We tested City Cosmetics guarantee and had no problems getting a full refund once the product was returned.

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