Whole Body Research Hair Repair Advanced Formula For Women

Whole Body Research hair repair for women reviewsI was desperately looking for a supplement or vitamin that I could take for my hair because a couple of years ago it started thinning and it just felt kind of dead. It turns out, I wasn’t giving it the proper nutrients it needed. You might not realize how important your diet and vitamin intake is for your hair growth, but let me tell you, it is crucial. I had no idea just how crucial it was until recently.  You really have to FEED your hair, skin, and nails. If your diet is not rich in Omega 3s, Probiotics, and certain vitamins, your hair, nails, and skin will be dry, and easily subject to damage.  That’s why it is important to either tailor your diet specifically to get certain vitamins and nutrients or take a supplement that can help you fill in the gaps of your deficiencies. I had dry hair and flaky skin ever since I moved to Colorado three years ago, probably because of the altitude and cold air. So, I was using moisturizers like it’s nobody’s business. Three or four times a day I was having to put moisturizer on the backs of my hands and my knees and elbows because they would be cracked and peeling. No matter how much moisturizer I put on, a few hours later, I was having to put on more. Well, I think part of the problem was that I wasn’t getting enough vitamins, because as soon as I started taking this Advanced Formula Hair Repair supplement, things started to improve. My hair was silkier, shinier, and my skin started to feel more healthy. Like it was just better at retaining moisture.

I’ve been taking this supplement for about a month and a half– one bottle is a month supply. I’m still on my first bottle because after two weeks, I had to cut the dosage in half, because my hair was growing too fast! So I’ve been able to make it last for a few more weeks. This stuff has been great at helping my hair grow faster, longer, stronger, and even helped my skin and hair better maintain their moisture. If you have been looking for a supplement to help your hair be healthier, the Whole Body Research Hair Repair Advanced Formula for Women is great and I definitely recommend it. I think a lot of people with skin and hair problems make the mistake of trying to fix the issue from the outside instead of the inside. Most skin and hair problems are usually a result of poor diet and hygiene. The Whole Body Research Hair Repair Advanced Formula For Women is a complete vitamin for hair and skin health that can give your hair and skin what it’s been missing.

To find out more about Whole Body Research Hair Repair Advanced Formula For Women, check out their official website. 

Written by Sandra Burns

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  1. Thanks so much for posting your thoughts on this product Brandy! I am currently doing research for my hair and skin. I have been trying to figure out why my hair is thinning, breaking and falling out. I’ve also been trying to figure out break-outs on my skin. Even though I’ve gone to my doctor and even had a biopsy performed (which resulted in nothing definitive), I am still at a loss and may never “figure it out!” SO, I agree that my issues with hair and skin are a direct result of what I am lacking, therefore, I can’t wait to try Whole Body Research’s Hair Repair Formula for Women. I glad I stumbled upon this product as I was going to buy Biotin alone. Your review helped a lot as well! Thanks! I will try to remember to post an update after my first month!

  2. I’ve read a zillion offers re: hair growth. I have extremely fine hair and not so much left. I was told it was Alopecia. YOur procut seems expensive. How many pills and content of pills??

    Please reply.


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